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There are a lot of renovation contractors in Singapore that can offer a renovation package that will suit your HDB flat. These renovation packages will guarantee an improved version of your flat once completed while saving you a considerable amount of money.


But how can you take advantage of the different HDB renovation packages offered? What is the best renovation package for you? There are several factors which could help you make your decision on this dilemma. Here are some of them:



Since a renovation package consists of several renovation works to be done at several areas of your flat, it might be a good idea to identify the different areas of interest in your flat. These areas are usually the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the toilets, the windows and doors. If you can determine the recent condition of you flat, you can then decide if renovation is really needed and what renovation package will apply to it if it does.


If, however, you do not possess the keen eye to identify the different problems in your flat, you can always hire an expert to conduct a survey in the entire flat. This will result in more accurate data and accurate forecasts on your expenses. Once complete, you can then pick on the renovation package of your choice.



As these two areas are frequently used, they are more susceptible to deterioration and damages. Take a very good look at your kitchen. If most of the area is still in a good condition, you can opt for a cheaper repainting job. If there is a considerable damage to the area, you might have to pick that renovation package that will have extensive coverage on the kitchen.


You must also take a good look at your bathroom. Usually, the major renovation to be done at this area is replacing the baths and the toilet. See if the bath, the toilet and the plumbing is still in a good condition. If they are not, you should choose a renovation package that will cover the bathrooms plumbing, toilet, bath, tiles, and walls.



When choosing the right renovation package, you must also look into the other areas of your flat. Some parts, like windows and doors, may seem unimportant at first glance but they can contribute to the general appearance of your flat. The act of changing your doors, having a new paintjob at the walls, and replacing the quality of your windows might be able to improve the entire appearance of your HDB flat. Therefore, choose the renovation package that will give you a great quality on these materials at a discount.


There are a lot of renovation packages that are being offered in Singapore. Carefully assessing your HDB flat can determine what needs to be done and what package will fit your flat. Having the right renovation package will guarantee a better-looking and improved flat for you to live on.