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Tired of your old toilet? Bored at staring at those plain white tiles? Want a new and improved lavatory? Toilet renovation is the thing for you. Remodeling your bathroom can be daunting but it can be easy with proper planning and a little bit of creativity.


First, design a style that is best-suited for your needs. If it’s for personal use, fashion it according to your personality. Choose your color scheme, toilet type, and shower or tub however you want it. Or if it’s for your family, consider using neutral or universal themes in order to accommodate different gender and age. Once you’ve chosen your design and theme, you can proceed to the more technical bits and pieces.


If you haven’t done this before, here are some important things you need to think about.

Types: How do you want to renovate your toilet? Upscale remodeling involves adding a few extra spaces in the room, demolishing walls, replacing tiles and moving fixtures such as toilets. On the other hand, mid-range remodeling is simply adding a toilet, shower, a sink with counters and tiled floors and walls without changing the room’s contour. So before you get on with any toilet renovation, mull over these choices.


Time: If you only have one bathroom in the house then time is of the essence because where would you take a bath or relieve yourself if a renovation is under way? Sure, public toilets can be of help and you can also ask your relatives or neighbors to kindly let you use their bathroom but still, it would be better if you get it done as quickly as possible, right? So, plan carefully and let no time go to waste.


Labor: Hiring laborers that do toilet renovations are easy. They are readily available from construction agencies or online. However, they require money depending on the amount of work that you give them. So if you are on a budget, you can do the work yourself or with friends. Like they say, nothing beats teamwork and cooperation.


Cost: How much are you willing to spend to get that dream toilet? Moving your toilet, shower/tub and sink requires a lot of energy and money.  Hacking walls and tiles can be just as costly. Thus, if you don’t want to spend too much, then do the actual refurbishing yourself. Also keep in mind that it is much cheaper to work around the bathroom’s original layout than remodeling the whole room. And since buying and scouring for things to place in your bathroom can be very challenging especially if you are on a tight budget and the toiletries from the market are too expensive for your taste, there are available supplies on the internet for a lower price for you to buy. Toilet renovation is about compromising what you want and what you need.


The World Wide Web holds an endless number of information about toilet renovations, from contractors to supplies, tips, designs and even experiences from fellow renovators. The internet is your best friend, use it.


Toilet renovation is rewarding. After the grueling planning, organizing and execution, you did not only gain a new and improve bathroom but were also given a sense of fulfillment. As an added bonus, you can proudly show off your refurbished bathroom to your family, friends and neighbors when they come to visit.