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If your place is here, then you surely need a good Singapore renovation contractor. Regular ordinary contractors won’t do if you want to achieve the beautiful elegance and simplicity of a Singapore interior design. A Singapore renovation contractor does this type of work because he/she specializes in these types of designs.


There have been many stories about renovations that scare the residents like substandard quality of work, underestimation of cost, or contractors taking the money and not finishing the job. There’s no assurance or guarantee that you would have a problem-free renovation because there will always be bound to be small problems. Here are some tips to avoid these major problems.


Make inquiries:

  • Are they reputable? – Websites and certifications.
  • Did the contractor ever file for bankruptcy? – Filed for bankruptcy because he/she didn’t meet the standards of the construction.
  • Is the office near your area? – Go to their offices and see their works.
  • Can the contractor show you a sample model? Go through every detail of the design.
  • Contract? – Sign before construction starts.
  • Schedule for the duration of the work? – Right length of the work to be done.
  • Schedule for the payments? Right time for paying the contractor.
  • The exact type of materials to be used and the costs? – Ask for a list of the materials used.


Track the work done from time to time to make sure that the job gets finished on time. By trusting the contractor, you give value and importance to his/her work.

If there’s a problem with the building that prevents the work to be done, then the owner should fix this issue.


You can hire the Singapore renovation contractor to help fix it but it will be a separate contract from the original service.


Don’t make a deal with a Singapore renovation contractor who doesn’t sign contracts and asks full payment up front.


Always invest your money wisely in renovation plans. It’s not easy so you should choose the right contractor to produce the result that you want.