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Have you ever considered on having your flat renovated? Your need for HDB renovation can spring from several reasons from wanting to change its looks and style, to adding, repairing or removing partitions, fixtures and other parts in your flat. With the competitive prices in Singapore nowadays, hiring the services of a HDB contractor might be your best option to handle your HDB renovation project.


HDB Renovation, however, can prove to be a very daunting task. You may need to follow instructions, step-by-step guides, training, practice, the right equipment, and a lot of patience. If you want to hire the services of a contractor to oversee your HDB Renovation project, you may want to follow a few tips and guidelines listed below:



An HDB Renovation usually starts with a full assessment of which parts in your HDB flat in Singapore needs to be renovated. Take a good look at the places that are used a lot of times like the kitchen, the living room, toilets and bathrooms. Since these rooms are to be used a lot of times, they must be kept in good condition and renovated if needed be. It is recommended that you hire an expert to perform the assessment to get the most accurate results and costs.


If, however, you have been living in your HDB flat for quite a while, you may not need an expert as you may have known what needs to be done and what areas that need renovations. If you have recently moved to the place and do not possess the keen eye to identify problems in your flat, you may need to hire a licensed HDB contractor to look at your flat.


They may want to take a look at your HDB flat floor plan and HDB renovation permit, so have these two things readied beforehand.



The kitchen is a frequently used room and is very susceptible to wear and tear. Take a good look at the place before deciding on partial or complete renovations. If the carcasses are still in a very good condition, you can opt for minor renovations like changing the doors, counter tops, cupboards and handles. You can even just have it repainted if you don’t want anything replaced.


The most important task in HDB renovation in bathroom is merely replacing the baths. Therefore, take a very good look to see if changing the baths will make the place look new. If not, you can change the tiles and the wall color to make it look new.



There are even aspects in the HDB renovation which does not immediately equate to replacing certain parts of the flat; some aspects just involve cleaning them to make them look new. You might be surprised at how expert window cleaners can make your windows look new and add to the beauty of your flat.


Your doors can even be renovated depending on their condition. You can have them repainted if they are still in good condition but you may have to have their beams replaced if there are damages within the beams.


There are a lot of HDB renovation packages that are advertised throughout Singapore. It might be the best idea if you can avail of these as most of them are very good, making your flat look new and improved while letting you save on a lot of money.